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Angela Hauck is a female weight loss expert. She runs an international online business that helps women of all ages achieve their health & wellness goals. Angela specializes in pre and post natal fitness; pelvic floor health; flexible dieting & body transformations.



As an 85 pound success story and a new mommy, Ange draws on personal experiences to effectively coach her clients to success.


"I used to be a girl who hated every single vegetable, ate deep fried foods religiously and never set foot in a gym. I was a girl who had every excuse in the book and was too stubborn to listen. I can all too well remember the college years of hiding under thick layers of makeup and cropping photos to deny the size of my body. Underneath, I was a weak girl; a girl being teased for being chubby, gawked at for taking a second plate of food and in a vicious cycle of emotionally binge eating.

200 pounds was my breaking point. And that's when I decided it was time to put that girl in the past. So I formally broke up with my former fat self, well, kind of, in my diary. 

Okay, awesome. I'm pleasantly plump. I've accepted it and I'm ready to change it. But how do I start? 

And that’s where my journey could have ended. 
I could have accepted that I was very lost, confused and uneducated about health & fitness.  

But instead, some bit of fire within me said,
 “No, Ange. You may not know all the answers, but there’s tons of people out there that do. You’ve just got to go out and find them.”

So, I reached out to magazines like Oxygen and Women’s Health to educate myself about fitness and nutrition, bought Jillian Michaels at home-workout DVD’s and laced up my running shoes to hit the pavement in my small village with a population of 1000 - one breathless block at a time.

Every day, I woke up determined to achieve my goal and
I put on my best accessory - the attitude that I could do it.

And there I was by the end of the summer, about 60 pounds lighter without ever stepping foot in a gym. I was confident, content and I had fallen in love with all of the energy that clean eating was providing for me. No more mid-day naps, no more sugar-high crashes - plus I had an invigorating zest for life.  

I moved to a new city & my new girlfriends and I started taking fitness classes together. I continued with my lifestyle & really fell in love with the gym.  Unfortunately, a little too much. Out spawned this intense fear of gaining the weight back so I started barely eating. Living off Clif Bars and Rockstar Energy Drinks, I was able to get through the day, but I was seriously hurting my body through malnutrition and obsessive physical activity. This behaviour lasted for almost a full year of my life.
Then the birth of 2012 brought a realization that it was time to stop with the nonsense & time to take control of my life. Fueled with determination and armed with discipline, the year brought a handful of amazing accomplishments including: a 7th place finish in the Toronto Goodlife 5km run, a 3 month solo backpacking adventure through Western Europe, completion of the Tough Mudder obstacle race; a strong body that left my “Rolly, Polly, Olly” days demolished in the dust to step on stage in the UFE Halloween Mayhem Bikini Competition; and a small community of women looking to me - “their inspiration” - for “my secret”. That’s when it really sank in to me,

“Ange, you have an opportunity here to be a role model of health and fitness. There’s people looking up to you. Capture it.”

And that’s exactly what I did. In 2013, I wrote down my goals, pursued my passion & then made my dreams come alive. By the end of the year, I was a certified personal trainer, boot camp instructor, yoga teacher & nutrition coach who landed a two-page spread in STRONG Fitness Magazine alongside Figure Elite status as a body builder with the UFE. 

Specializing in total body transformations, now my days are spent helping others realize their potential & achieve their health and fitness goals. I have harnessed my gift to empower others & I am lucky to wake up every day & get a front-row view of others on their journeys towards looking, feeling and performing their very best.

Still wondering what’s “my secret?”

Head to a mirror, look deep inside yourself & consider this thought.

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but she doesn’t know that so she goes on flying anyways.”

It is my mission to leave a legacy of empowerment. I believe that my purpose on this planet is to help inspire and motivate others to become their best selves.